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The Standalone Access Control System is specially design with proven and reliable technology whereby it contains Built-In Integrity Monitoring System for maximum reliability.

The Architecture is easy to install without any PC to operate. Therefore, it is easy to use, easy to program and easy to maintain.


No Item Benefits
 1. Simple Design – Easy to use
– Easy to maintain
– Easy to program
 2. Pin Only Access – Use 4 digits secret code to access
– Multiple sets of code
– Codes can be re-programmed easily
 3. Proximity Card Technology – Easy to use
– Reliable technology
– High durability
– Just touch the card to access
 4. Standalone Architecture – Easy to install
– No PC is required to operate
– LED and audio buzzer indication


No Features XP-SK32 XP-SR200K
1. Standalone Operations Yes
2. Onboard Memory EEPROM Yes
3. Pin Access Yes (32 sets) Yes (10sets)
4. Card User Capacity N/A 200
5. Keypad Yes
6. Continuous Card Read when door is opened N/A Yes
7. Onboard Buzzer Yes
8. Firmware Flash Memory Yes
9. Polarity Protection for Power Input Yes
10. LED Indication Yes
(Red & Green)
11. Durable Epoxy Coated Keypad Yes
12. Power 12VDC Yes (150mA) Yes (250mA)
13. Dimension (H x W x D) 125mm x 94mm x 30mm
14. Configurable Lock Release Time Yes (1-99)
15. Configurable Door Open Time Yes (1-99)
16. Controller/Reader Mode No Yes

Configuration Diagram 

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