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The GeneQuest Analyser is a spectrophotometer dedicated to the requirements of the Molecular Biology Laboratory. Fully programmed methods include those for RNA, ds DNA, ss DNA, oligonucleotide primer, proteins, bacterial growth and cell culture measurements and molecular calculations, including theoretical thermal melt. An integral printer is optional. 

Available sampling accessories include standard cells, 5, 10, 300 microliter cells; 5 and 50 microliter cell holders; peltier and water thermostatted holders; 4 and 6 cell changers; Cell path length to 100 mm, sipette and batch sampling.


  • Full screen display of menus, prompts and results
  • Software options password enabled at any time by E-SEF
  • Storage for 30 user methods, password protected
  • Warning of poor sample transmission
  • Signal enhancement for poor sample transmission
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