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Cecil Instruments offer three DietQuest spectro-photometers fully pre-programmed for both food and beverage analysis. Methods include single and multi-wavelength measurements and spectral scanning.


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Bandwidth 1.8 nm
Optics Single Beam
Photometric Noise Better than 0.00004A at 1A, 500nm, RMS
Photometric Range -0.3-3A
Scanning Speed 1-4000 nm/min
Wavelength Range 190 to 1000 nm
Depth 340 mm
Height 205 mm
Width 480 mm
Weight 19.5 kg
Additional Specifications With integral printer.
Wavelength Accuracy: Better than ±1nm
Wavelength Precision: Better than 0.1nm
Baseline Flatness: Better than ±0.002A p.t.p.
Photometric Accuracy: Better than ±0.005 at 1A
Method Storage: 30 user defined methods security code protected
Curve Fit: Linear, quadratic and cubic curves, to 30 concentration standards or replicates
Computer/Printer Interface: Bi-directional serial RS232 and parallel ports



Simple Rapid Operation

Even the most complex assay is carried out simply by selecting from the displayed menu the required, method inserting blanks, references and samples as prompted. Just press the run key for automatic measurement and calculation of the result. All results are displayed on screen and printed, timed and dated, on the integral or external printer.

User Programming

Never before has user programming of assays for automatic measurement and computation been so simple and rapid.

Cecil Assay programme software allows any assay to be formulated for up to 10 wavelengths. Rapid entry of text and formulae and setting a wavelength program is all that is required.

Up to 20 formulae, each with up to 76 characters, may be combined for the most complex method and cell programming may be incorporated for multi-sample measurements.

Flexibility of Application

DietQuest spectrophotometers additionally have all the functions of a high quality spectrophotometer and may therefore find wide application in a testing laboratory. Where only visible determinations are required the 'DietQuest : Vis' is offered and a full, high performance double beam instrument 'DietQuest : D/B' completes the range.

Concentration Curve Fit

Where concentration is not linearly related to absorbance, a quadratic or cubic curve may be fitted to up to 30 standards or replicates and edited before use. A straight line may be fitted to linear results and 30 curves may be stored security protected. 

Reaction Kinetics

Enzyme reaction methods using kits supplied by Boehringer - Mannheim, Roche, Diogen, Megasyme etc. have been pre-programmed for a single cell or for 4 or 6 cells in an automatic changer.

Reaction curves are displayed on screen and regression analysis applied to the user selected part of the curve. A number of the assays are simple end point measurements.

Sample temperature control, where required, is available using either water circulation or Peltier Thermoelectric cell holders and controller.

Sipette Sampling

Samples may be handled rapidly and without cell handling using the sipette sampling system. Sample volume is user selected and low cross contamination occurs even with samples as small as 350µL.


Data to a PC
 Both raw, and processed and formatted data may rapidly be exported to a PC for incorporation into a spreadsheet or mathematical package of the users choice, e.g. Excel, Grafit etc. for manipulation and report generation. 

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