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The LA-960 uses Mie Scattering (laser diffraction) to measure particle size of suspensions or dry powders. The speed and ease-of-use of this technique makes it the popular choice for most applications.


This latest evolution in the LA series advances scientific knowledge for tomorrow’s world through intuitive software, unique accessories, and high performance. The LA-960 continues HORIBA’s proud tradition of leading the industry with innovative design.


Performance that matters

  • Measure particle size between 10 nanometers and 5 millimeters
  • State of the art nanoparticle measurement resolves peaks at 30 nanometers
  • Suitable for suspensions, emulsions, powders, pastes, gels, and creams
  • Easy to use dry powder accessory, read the PowderJet page for more information
  • Requires only micrograms* of sample, minimizing cost of analysis
  • Flexible, fully automated measurement sequences maximize precision and method compliance
  • Excellent reproducibility and unit-to-unit agreement, read the Gage R&R Study for more information
  • Measurements in less than 60 seconds boost productivity
  • Based on the ultra-durable LA-950 platform, noted for its reliability

Software that grows to meet your needs

  • New users are guided by the Method Expert software to create powerful measurement methods with no prior training
  • Experienced users create turn-key measurements with the Sequence function to include custom messages, measurement averaging, pass/fail repeats, and much more
  • Advanced users benefit the Intensity Graph, Custom Calculations, and other power tools to deeply understand their measurements
  • The brand new user interface emphasizes ease of use to ensure hassle-free operation
  • Integrated 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software available with user administration, audit trail, and electronic signature functionality

HORIBA's performance guarantee

  • Guaranteed accuracy of ± 0.6%**
  • Excellent unit-to-unit precision, ideal for multi-location requirements
  • ISO 13320:2009 compliant
  • IQ/OQ available
  • LA-960 performance verified on every unit with NIST-traceable mono- and polydisperse size standards

Our particle expertise = your solution

HORIBA's experienced staff of technical and applications specialists support the LA-960 in 54 offices across 45 countries. We are committed to the satisfaction of our users and to the education of the greater industry and provide many channels of support including:

  • Sample analysis via the many Applications Labs around the world
  • Free software updates, webinars, technical notes, and much more in the Download Center
  • Instant support via phone, e-mail, and online meeting
  • On-site and in-house user training courses
  • Service contracts, verifications, and validations to fit every requirement
  • Advanced software tools to correlate data from other particle size analyzers to maintain historic specifications


Measurement Method

Mie Scattering Theory

Measurement Range

0.01 μm to 5000 μm

Measurement Time

1 minute from dispersion liquid filling to measurement and rinse.

Sampling System

Required Sample Amount:Sample 10 mg to 5 g (Depends on sample material) 
Dispersion Medium:Approx. 180 mL to 250 mL (Using Flow Cell) 
Viscosity:Less than 10 mPa・s

Optical System

Light Source:650 nm Laser Diode approx. 5.0 mW 
405 nm Light Emitting Diode (LED) approx. 3.0 mW 
Detectors:Silicon Photo Diode

Circulation System

Ultrasonic Probe:Frequency 20 kHz 7-Level selections 
Circulation Pump:15-Level selections 
Agitator:15-Level selections 
Flow/Fraction Cell:Tempax Glass

Power Supply

120 V AC ±10% or 230 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz ±1%

Power Consumption

300 VA

Operating Temperature

15 to 35℃ (59 to 95℉)

Operating Humidity

Relative Humidity 85% or less (no condensation)

External Dimensions

705 x 565 x 500 mm (28 x 23 x 20 in) 
(W x D x H:not including dimensions of projections)

Mass Approx

56 kg (123 lb)

Dry Feeder Accessory

Dispersion Method

Injector-driven forced dispersion in air, using compressed air

Sample Supply Method

Vibrating feeder

Sample Ejection Method

Vacuum-driven forced ejection

Sample Concentration Adjustment Method

Adjusted by feeder vibration power

Control Method

Serial communication with LA-960 measurement unit

Controlled Items

Feeder vibration power alteration (automatic or user-set), vacuum ON/OFF, compressed air valve ON/OFF, pressure is adjustable

Measurement Time

Normally about 2 seconds from start of measurement

Operating Temperature / Humidity

15 to 35℃, 85% RH max. (no condensation) (59 to 95℉)

Outer Dimensions

332 mm x 321 mm x 244 mm (13 x 13 x 10 in) 
(W x D x H:not including dimensions of projections and LA-960 measurement unit)

Power Supply

AC 100/120/230V, 50/60 Hz, 1500 VA 
(Including vacuum; not including LA-960 measurement unit)

Compressed Air Pressure

0.5 MPa to 0.8 MPa

Compressed Air Supply Port

Quick connector for resin tube with 6 mm outer diameter 
(Compressed air supply equipment must be provided separately)

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